Reinforced Concrete Framing

We deliver concrete frame structures for residential and commercial projects. RC frames can be perfect for new-build house building.

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Reinforced Concrete Framing Construction

Reinforced concrete framing can be the perfect choice for many buildings so it is worth weighing up the pros and cons and getting good advice first. A structural engineer and a good reinforced concrete framing contractor will advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of your project. 

Advantages of reinforced concrete framing construction: 

  • Enhanced fire protection. 
  • Large open plan or changeable spaces. 
  • Low transfer of airborne sound. 
  • Durable and long-lasting. 
  • Good thermal retention when insulated well. 

Disadvantages of reinforced concrete framing construction: 

  • Higher Cost. 
  • Longer construction time. 
  • More suited to regular square shapes. 
  • Cold bridging can cause problems. 
A perspective rear view of a 3D virtual model of the reinforced concrete frame structure that has been used in a house located in Sevenoaks

Reinforced Concrete Framing for Houses in UK

Reinforced Concrete Framing for houses is popular in mainland Europe but less common in the UK. Traditional masonry house construction using brick and blockwork is most common in the UK but reinforced concrete framing can be a better choice. If you have a reinforced concrete basement then a seamless and water-resistant connection is formed to the superstructure.

The concrete walls and floors can be built with large open plan spaces which are adaptable or easily changeable because divisions are not load-bearing. The construction sequence continues without a change of contractor. The concrete construction to the first-floor ceiling becomes watertight early in the construction sequence allowing window installation and internal fit out to commence sooner. A steel-framed roof will then provide an open plan and usable loft space with no roof trusses in the way.

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